Learning tips
Here are some tips that will make your learning more effective:
1. Think about how often and for how long you can study online.
We recommend you visit the website three or four times a week to study. Each time, try to study for 30 – 40 minutes. It’s best to study frequently for short periods. This helps you to remember new words and grammar.
2. Your study schedule
If possible, it’s a good idea to study at regular times. Try to study in a quiet place without any distractions. You study better when you feel relaxed and when you’re not too tired.
3. Remembering new words
  • Keep a record of new words as you see them. Write the words in a vocabulary book or record it on a Word document. Add an example sentence so that you know how to use that particular word in a sentence.
  • A fun way to remember words is to label things around your home.
4. Learning Grammar
Many students think that grammar is the most important part of a new language they are learning. Grammar is important but words are important too. Give equal importance to new words and new grammar points.
As you study English grammar try to think how it’s different from the grammar of your language. This can help you to remember English grammar.
5. Pronunciation
There are also lots of short conversations to listen to. As you work through the material you’ll get used to the sounds of English. There may be some sounds in English that don’t exist in your language. Don’t worry! You’ll soon get used to all the sounds of English.