British Council launches products to bring English to the Indian masses
Web based product “EnglishStrokes” launched in partnership with British Council and AA Edutech
Chennai, 19 February 2014: British Council, a world leader in English education, today launched an ambitious program to take English learning to the masses in India. Digital learning has been picking up the world over, and British Council has launched EnglishStrokes in partnership with AA Edutech (formerly Sun Online) – leaders in the learning space using the mediums of both Voice and Video to make English language universally available.
Speaking on this momentous occasion, Mr. Martin Davidson, CEO – British council said, “We look at India as a very key geography for us, and also understand the key requirements of the English learners in India. We have partnered with two leading and innovative organizations who have the wherewithal to help us bring English to the masses”.
The product “English strokes” brings together English and Cricket in an online course so that one can turn their love of cricket into success in English – word by word, stroke by stroke! The product will help anyone improve their vocabulary, grammar, spoken English, pronunciation and listening skills, as well as develop their confidence, accuracy and communication ability. Speaking on the occasion, Mr. Kris Srikkanth, a man whose strokes took the game of cricket to a new high, said, “We understand the Indian psyche, and are using the one thing that is close to almost every Indian heart – Cricket, to help them learn English. We are confident about the methodology and I personally am very happy & excited to have partnered with the British Council for the road ahead”.
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