Why Us?
AA Edutech, owned by Kris Srikkanth, former captain of the Indian cricket team, has partnered with the British Council to develop EnglishStrokes, which brings together English and cricket! The idea is to provide an online English language course which is engaging, and delivers supplementary learning.
EnglishStrokes is designed to let you have lots of fun and learn along the way. You will find a variety of listening activities, video content, games, conversations, cricketing facts, fun tasks and language exercises. You can also listen to anecdotes from some of your favourite cricket players, learn more about their profiles and watch them in action!
AA Edutech already delivers training in Maths and Science through Edustrokes, an existing portal which is aimed at integrating learning of Mathematics and Science with sport. In addition, learning initiatives through careerstrokes (web portal), cricketstrokes (web portal) and mobile ventures are already in existence as well.
The British Council, on the other hand, has a proven track record of promoting English language learning content aimed at learners and teachers through various media and platforms. They are recognised as one of the leading providers of English language learning content and training in India.
Kris Srikkanth’s AA Edutech Private Ltd., in partnership with the British Council, can provide the best in English language teaching, along with top Cricketing tips and insights into learning from a lifelong champion of the sport.
The British Council is your best starting point for learning English. With over 70 years of English language teaching experience, they understand how to help you attain your learning goals.
Together, we are committed to providing the highest quality English language learning experience.
British Council’s Mission
The British Council is the United Kingdom’s international organization for educational opportunities and cultural relations. It creates international opportunities for the people of the UK and other countries and builds trust between them worldwide.
British Council’s History
The British Council is present in six continents and over 100 countries, bringing international opportunity to life, every day. Each year the British Council works with millions of people, connecting them with the United Kingdom, sharing its cultures and the UK’s most attractive assets: English, the Arts, Education and their ways of living and organizing society. They have over 75 years experience of doing this. In line with its Royal Charter, the British Council aims to bring high quality English materials to every learner or teacher who wants them around the world. They work with governments to transform whole education systems to increase opportunity and employability through English. The British Council also delivers English teaching and train teachers by radio, web and broadcast in developing and post conflict countries.